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hi there all.

i have RA/PA for 30 years. i'm 35.

i was in emergency last night for ridiculous pain. they did xrays and found fractures in my vertabrae (thoracic region) as well as severe degeneration in my spine (again thoracic through to the sacrum this time). they told me i have osteoporosis, the fractures and degeneration and that it will continue to worsen.

they said "it's a mess in there". i like young doctors.

anyway, so. what's it like to be like this for a while? who here lives with this situation? what am i looking at for the next year? 5 years? 10 years? right now i am having problems walking and standing. it's happened quite suddenly. it's freaking me out.

THE PAINKILLER THING: also, to complicate things, i am allergic to opiods and opiates. HELP ME PEEPS! what on earth are the alternatives? i am on epilim, zoloft, topamax, nexium, celebrex, methotrexate, megafol, panadeine forte but i need something more srs for the pain.

anything would be good.

- oco
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