naughty_fairy (naughty_fairy) wrote in rheumatoid,

Injection Question

Ok question time...does anyone who injects (Humira in my case) notice a different reaction depending on which side you inject?

I've noticed that last 4 times (so twice in each leg) that when I inject on my right side, within a few hours you can't even tell unless you look for the small puncture very very closely - but when I do it on my left, I get a large red raised area (kinda looks like a big welt) that last for up to 3 days and is warm and tender to the touch.

I'm injecting on the same spot on each side, making sure it's into muscle etc, I always leave it out before injected for the same time. I only noticed this after my last appointment and I don't think it's worth making a special appointment and the Humira people are about due for their nurse person to call for a follow up I'll mention it then - more just curious for myself if anyone else has this?
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