Yasako, the Reuben Slut (yasako) wrote in rheumatoid,
Yasako, the Reuben Slut

 Hey, how's everyone doing? Hope you're flare-free with the hot weather!

As always I come bearing...questions. For RA, I am currently on Enbrel, methotrexate, plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine), folic acid, and Relafen as needed. I've been doing pretty well for the past 6 months to a year, and I've been on plaquenil for a few years now. 

At my last appointment (about 2 months ago) the doctor said she wanted me to start going off the plaquenil...I guess if I'm doing well, might as well start taking away meds, right? Hopefully get down to the "core" ones. I take Plaquenil twice a day; she originally said I could just stop if cold turkey or just go from one a day to a month to none. 

I've been doing the one a day and I feel like CRAP. Especially this past week. I went grocery shopping and for two days I had to walk pigeon-toed to get around, my fingers feel sluggish, I feel tired...just CRAPPY.

For those of you who have gone off of Plaquenil before...is it something that you're just not supposed to notice a difference with if you stop cold turkey and your RA is doing well? Or is it something like when I had went off prednisone, and your body has to get used to not having it again and may throw a hissy fit?

I know that these are questions for the doctor, but for right now I want to hear other people's stories. I went through a similar feeling when I went off prednisone a year ago and just...ugh. If it's something to EXPECT that's one thing, but if it's something that's telling me to go back ON the plaquenil, I'd rather not be hanging around off-medication when I need it.
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