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once you make a choice, you're stuck

Total knee replacement: Yay or Nay?

Hello, my fine co-sufferers!

Having had RA since '97 and replaced both my hips in April '10 with quite satisfactory results, I am now in the market, so to say, for a knee replacement or (hopefully?) two.
However, it's been my understanding that knee replacements are fussy and difficult things that require considerably more recovery time and strengthening exercise, and also are less stable compared to hip prostheses. That said, it'd be mighty nice to have somewhat more functional knees, and hence, my questions are:

- Those of you who have had total knee replacements of one or more knees, how did you prepare for surgery and how did you exercise throughout the recovery period?
- If you had a job that required you to stand/walk a lot, how long did it take until you were able to go back to work?
- What range of movement can I likely expect? Can I ever sit on my knees again? (I haven't been able to do that for ... 13 years?)
- Do any of you have rheumatoid varus or valgus deformity of the knee that was corrected through so-called constrained condylar knee replacement, and how is your range of movement with this type of prosthesis?
- Any complications during surgery or recovery?

Now for a question that has little to no relation to all of the above: do any of you have experience with leg ulcers of any kind? I developed a chronic venous leg ulcer sometime in September; I've been through two courses of antibiotics for recurring infection and have been wearing compression stockings for the past 6-7 weeks without any visible result. I even dropped both Enbrel and MTX shortly after the ulcer appeared in the hope that my immune system would get going and fix stuff on its own, but sadly this has not happened.
Suggestions towards my further course of action are most welcome.

Thanks in advance! :)
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